Tutorial ESP8266 DS18B20 Temperature Node-RED MQTT (Mosquitto) IoT

This time the integration of ESP8266 and the Node-RED platform was realized integrating a sensor DS18B20 of Protocol of Temperature Onewire.

From an HMI or SCADA Web creator on Node-Red-Dashboard using the MQTT protocol and the pubsubclient library converting the ESP8266 into the MQTT Client will perform the sensor reading periodically.

Note: To successfully complete this tutorial you must perform the following tutorials.

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Arduino IDE

The ESP8266 module has been configured as an MQTT client, as a publisher to the “temp / sensor” topic, the module performs the Onewire reading without intermediate libraries, sending almost instantaneously the temperature to be worried and visualized from Node-RED.


Mosquitto MQTT Broker

Previously it has been installed in a computer with lubuntu (Ubuntu) Linux, the server Broker MQTT which performs the management of messages in the network, Mosquitto has been used in this case.


A sequence of nodes has been created to send data from the Dashboard.

Video Tutorial ESP8266  Temperature DS18B20 (Onewire) MQTT Node-Red  IoT#6


1 ESP8266 01
1 Regulator LDV33CV  5 a 3.3V
1 Chip FTDI Serial
1 DS18B20 One Wire


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