ESP8266 Platforms

ESP8266 Platforms

Compilation of videos in chronological order of tests performed to the module ESP8266 and various IoT platforms, you can visit Our Youtube channel PDAControl  

Tutorial Platform IoT Adafruit.IO & ESP8266 12E Part 1/2


Test Platform IoT Blynk & ESP8266 12E NodeMCU Part 1/2



Tutorial Platform IoT Cayenne my devices and ESP8266  Part 1/2 




Connection Platform Groov IIoT with ESP8266 by Opto22




Tutorial (aREST) and ESP8266 NodeMCU  Part 1/2



Test ESP8266 Grafana InfluxDB Node-RED MQTT Mosquitto IoT 


Test ESP8266 GPIO MQTT Mosquitto Node-RED  IoT # 1


Tutorial ESP8266 GPIO MQTT Mosquitto Node Red  IoT # 2



Introduction Plataform IoT – Introduccion Plataforma IoT    




Connection ESP8266 and Google spreadsheet (Google Docs) Direct 



Test ESP8266 + Arduino + ThingSpeak + ThingTweet (Twitter)



Emoncms OEM Part 1 Introduction 



Emoncms OEM Part 4 – Turn led (Explained) – Encender led ESP8266 (Explicado)