Arduino Industrial

Arduino Industrial

Video compilation in chronological order of tests performed with Arduino and connections with Industrial controllers, PLC, PAC, HMI, SCADA, OPC and Modbus protocol for more videos can visit Our channel of Youtube PDAControl  

Arduino ESP8266 SCADA Industrial integration on Opto 22 




Arduino Modbus Master RTU and HMI Panasonic GT01 Modbus Slave




Arduino Modbus Master RTU and PLC Panasonic FPX C14R Slave




Arduino MEGA 2560 Master Modbus Potenciometer Display Oled 



Arduino Mega 2560 + ESP8266 Modbus RTU Modbus TCP IP Industrial Applications 

Arduino + PLC Panasonic FPX C14 +  COM1 Protocol MEWTOCOL RS232 



ESP8266 +  Arduino + PLC Panasonic FPX C14 + COM5  Protocol MEWTOCOL TCP IP



Modbus Test Arduino with (Max232) and HMI GT05 Panasonic via Rs232