ESP-IRCControl WEB IRC Client

This time I present a very simple method of controlling your devices from the internet without much complication or difficulty and using IRC client “Internet Relay Chat (IRC)” the chat process works in a client / server network model.

They want to control an ESP8266 from the internet, read sensors and control in a few steps without complications try sending commands from this IRC Web client, I’ll leave my esp8266 connected so they can control it 🙂 and if they want to download the code and try it.

Documentation: ESP8266 IRCControl from Internet IoT v1.0 Part 1

Test from this IRC Web Client

  1. Pressing Green button “Connecting …” will enter the channel #PDAChannel and will automatically generate a temporary user “Nick”.
  2. Write any of the commands listed below and send and control an ESP8266 remotely.
  3. You can also download the code and test your esp8266

Recommendation: Open new IRC client New tab


Current Version: Esp-IRCcontrol v1.0

Read Complete Documentation and Downloads: ESP8266 IRCControl from Internet Interaction IoT v1.0 Part 1

Video: Control ESP8266 from the Internet PART1: ESP-IRCcontrol v1.0

Currently Available Commands

Skip Comillas “” when writing commands in irc web client.

  1. Command: “HIGH GPIOXX” example: “HIGH GPIO12” Turn on GPIO outputs
  2. Command: “LOW GPIOXX” example: “LOW GPIO12” Turn off GPIO outputs
  3. Command: “READ ADC0”
  4. Command: “ESP SIGNAL?”
  5. Command: “ESP Temp?” Temperature Sensor – DHT11
  6. Command: “ESP HR?” Relative humidity sensor – DHT11
  7. Command: “ESP Temp2?” Temperature Sensor – DS18B20
  8. Command: “ESP ?????”
  9. Command: “ESP8266IRCXXXXXX Help” or “Nicknameesp Help” – list available commands
  10. Command: sad face = 🙁

Scope of the Application

  • Sent parameters for control from any IRC client.
  • Sensors monitoring and reading.
  • Future interactions with other applications, twitter, gmail

Recommendations for use

  • When using the IRC Web client they can create or use other channels, and change the user name.
  • Project Status: in initial tests, discretion is recommended.