PLC Connection Fpx C14 Panasonic and Google spreadsheets (Google docs) with ESP8266

You want to monitor values of a PLC, controller, OPC, HMI or SCADA that is Master Modbus RTU and write in spreadsheets from Google (Google Docs), In this case we will monitor the value of potentiometer V0 PLC from 0 to 100%:

Potentiometer V0 (0-1000 SCALE 0 -100%)




ESP8266 Connection Script and Google – Google Spreadsheets

-01 ESP8266 connecting with Google Script and connection with the spreadsheet from Google (Google Docs) Direct.
Based on the library HTTPS Redirect for ESP8266 of electronicsguy Github I have set and have made several improvements, I created the following tutorial full to Connect ESP8266 with (Google Script) and (Google Spreadsheets)

  ESP8266 direct connection to Google Spreadsheets (Google Docs)


Connection ESP8266 and Panasonic PLC via Modbus RTU (RS232)
Modbus RTU Slave ESP8266 -01 PLC Panasonic FPX C14R Master Modbus RTU (RS232).

Video Complete Test

Connection PLC fpx Panasonic and Google spreadsheets (Google docs) with ESP8266 

Google  Spreadsheets


In a nutshell

ESP8266 monitors the values in Registers Holding PLC and insert them into the spreadsheet.
 MAX232 (RS232) + MAX485 (RS485) + ESP8266 – 01  

Data insertion time

Every 15 seconds minimum, to avoid saturating the ESP8266.

Materials Very cheaps!!

1 PLC FPX C14R Panasonic
1 Cassette COM4 RS232
1 ESP8266-01 Aliexpress
1 MAX232
1 Regulator 5v a 3.3v
1 Power supply 5v




Connection ESP8266 and Google spreadsheet (Google Docs) Direct


Downloads – Complete Project

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