Introduction Plataform InitalState & ESP8266

This time we tested the Initialstate platform, is an IoT platform dedicated to the collection and visualization of data, creating colorful graphics.

For our test we will use the ESP8266 Module and a DS18B20 Onewire sensor to collect temperature and then visualize it.

Safely send time series data to your account from sensors, devices, software or anything else that can make an HTTP and HTTPS request.

Oficial Website : Initialstate


A continuation we have made 2 Tutorials in case you want to test in this platform IoT.

Test 1: Create platform account IoT Initialstate

The creation of the test account in Initialstate is free, but you must keep in mind that there are limits and restrictions of which we will speak below.



Test 2: ESP8266 Connection and DS18B20 Sensor to Initialstate Platform

Using Arduino IDE programming and configuration of the module ESP8266 12E NodeMCU, We have taken a test example and made modifications to work with the temperature sensor DS18B20 using the protocol “Onewire“.

The following Initialstate parameters are required for Stream bucket connection:

  1. bucket Key
  2. bucketName
  3. accessKey


Materials and Where to Buy


Some Visualizations and Graphics

 Arduino IDE Code

Code implemented in ESP8266:

You need to install the libraries in advance:

Libraries & Samples Arduino IDE InitialState  Arduino Streamers


Other similar references ..

Conclusions and Considerations

Initialstate is another very good solution created for the Internet of things, allowing to create colorful dashboards and its data sending API is very simple via HTTP technically allows any device to send data without any complication.

Since we are using a free account similar to other platforms that we have tested exist Restrictions regarding use of bandwidth and we only have 1 day data retention to other services this platform, such services in the paid version contain triggers, unlimited retention, Sending MSM, Email, Expressions in real time, sharing dashboards and embedded dashboards and of course support via email.

This testing is performed simply to present another IoT market solution.


Libraries & Samples Arduino IDE InitialState  Arduino Streamers






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