Review Dragino LoRaWAN RS485 to LoRaWAN RS485-LN Converter #8

I present the Dragino RS485-LN is an RS485 to LoRaWAN converter, a few months ago I ordered a couple of modules for testing.

This converter would allow monitoring and controlling devices over long distances, adding the versatility of the RS485.


  • LoRaWAN Class A and Class C protocol (default Class C)
  • Frequency bands: CN470 / EU433 / KR920 / US915 / EU868 / AS923 / AU915 / IN865 / RU864
  • AT commands to change parameters
  • Remote configuration parameters through LoRa Downlink
  • Firmware upgradeable through the program port
  • Supports multiply RS485 devices by flexible rules
  • Supports modbus protocol devices
  • Periodically uplink or surveys
  • Downlink to send RS485 commands


  •  STM32L072CZT6 MCU
  • SX1276 wireless chip
  •  Power consumption (exclude RS485 device):
    • Idle: 32 mA at 12 v
    • 20dB transmission: 65mA @ 12v

Model interface:

  • RS485 
  • Power input 7 ~ 24V DC.



Where to buy

Note: Before buying, investigate the frequency and bands allowed for LoRaWAN in your country, in my case America (US915):



Other Recommended LoRaWAN





  • 1 x RS485-LN
  • 2 x DIN brackets
  • 1 x LoRa antenna
  • 1 x program cable

Complete video:


The device is configured through AT commands, this configuration allows filtering the RS485 frame, according to the required application, allows Uplink and Donwlink

In the next few weeks I will start tests with some RS485 equipment.

I am currently reviewing the documentation on the configuration for reading modbus RTU frames over RS485.

Special thanks to SangKil Lee for his donation and contact with Dragino.



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