Review HELTEC Module (WIFI LoRa 32) 915-868Mhz for LoRaWAN #4

I have been collecting information about functional nodes for basic LoRaWAN tests for a while. This time I present the HELTEC LoRa 32 v1 Wifi module, it collects several interesting functions in IoT applications.

This node is the integration of an ESP32 and a LoRa Chip SX1276 (868-915Mhz) 0.96 inch Oled screen, usb-serial converter CP2102.



  • Maximum frequency: 240 MHZ Flash: 32M-Bits
  • Processor: For Tensilica LX6 Dual Core
  • Display: Oled 0.96 “blue
  • Chip Master: ESP32
  • LoRa chip: SX1276
  • Compatible frequency band: 868-915 MhZ
  • Open communication distance: 2.8 Km aprox
  • Processing capacity: up to 600 MIPS
  • Dual mode Bluetooth: traditional Bluetooth and Bluetooth low power BLE
  • Development environment: perfect support for Arduino, ESP-IDF and Mongoose OS.
  • Operating voltage: 3.3-7V
  • Operating temperature range: -40-90 °
  • Receiver sensitivity: -139dBm (SF12, 125 KHZ)
  • UDP Continuous Performance: 135 Mbps
  • USB adapter chip: CP2102
  • Support mode: tracker, station, softAP and direct Wi-Fi
  • Transmit Power: 19.5dBm @ 11b, 16.5dBm @ 11g, 15.5dbm @ 11n
  • Data rate: 150 Mbps @ 11n HT40, 72 Mbps @ 11n HT20.54 Mbps @ 11g 11 Mbps @ 11b



Materials and where to Buy

Other Recommended

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Video Test and Review


Upcoming LoRaWAN integrations

We have done a lot of tests, looking for functional and replicable LoRaWAN possibilities, some time ago I made tests with a library created in ESP-IDF using FreeRTOS, I consider the best implementation that can be found on the Internet, next tutorials we will perform tests.

LoRaWAN example based on ESP-IDF + FreeRTOS

Uplink LoRaServer – ChirpStack



This module is the mixture of an ESP32 + Oled + SX1276, perfect for those who start in LoRa and the most experienced people who want to start in LoRaWAN, in our case we have carried out tests with LoRaWAN libraries implemented in ESP-IDF of Espressif.

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