Tutorial Platform IoT Ubidots & ESP8266 + Sensor DHT11

This time we have tested the platform Ubidots, is an IoT platform dedicated to the collection and display of data, creating colorful graphics.

For our test we will use the Module ESP8266 and a DHT11 sensor to measure the temperature / relative humidity and later visualize it.

 Official Website: Ubidots

Update Ubidots Libraries V3.0.0 for ESP8266 modules

I present the latest update of Arduino IDE libraries for ESP8266 and the Ubidots IoT Platform, this version 3.0.0 presents improvements, such as TLS 2.0 and more functionality in its API constructors and functions.

Initially Create an account in Ubidots

Create Account in IoT Platform Ubidots

Materials and where to buy them cheap!!

Test Ubidots & ESP8266 + DHT11

Using the Arduino IDE, the programming and configuration of the module ESP8266 12E NodeMCU is done. We have taken a test example and we have made modifications to work with the DHT11.

As mentioned above, our account has 5000 credits available for our applications.

 Arduino IDE Code

Note: full download at the end of the article.

  • Serial terminal

Devices connected to Ubidots

By default it allows to use the virtual variable Demo, after downloading the Arduino IDE code, the device will be automatically displayed in “My devices”.

Ubidots Dashboard

  • Ubidots has a wide variety of widgets.

Tutorial Platform IoT Ubidots & ESP8266 + DHT11 (Temperature/Relative humidity)

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Conclusions and Considerations

Ubidots is another very good solution created for the Internet of things, allowing to create colorful dashboards and its API for sending data is very easy via MQTT/HTTP/TCP/UDP. technically allows any device to send data without any complications.

Since we have 5000 credits we must take into account, to develop our applications and prototypes.



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