Create Account in IoT Platform Ubidots

We have tested a wide variety of IoT platforms in this opportunity we will create an account on the platform Ubidots, this initiative was born to facilitate the connection of devices applied to the industrial and health.

To highlight the large number of available devices (libraries and integrations) to connect with ubidots.

Ubidots has 2 types of account didactic version (free) and a paid version for developers and business levels according to the number of devices online, the platform has the following communication protocols (MQTT/HTTP/TCP/UDP).

Our free account has 5000 credits available for our applications, there is a table that indicates the relationship credits / implementations, as they indicate depending on our project, you can request more credits to continue our investigation whether the case, you must have certain conditions.

 Official Website: Ubidots

 Github Ubidots

Update Ubidots Libraries V3.0.0 for ESP8266 modules for New Projects

I present the latest update of Arduino IDE libraries for ESP8266 and the Ubidots IoT Platform, this version 3.0.0 presents improvements,
such as TLS 2.0 and more functionality in its API constructors and functions.

1 Create Account in Platform Ubidots

This video has been created as an introduction to Ubidots.

It has very colorful and striking dashboards.

Tutorial Platform IoT Ubidots & ESP8266 + DHT11 (Temperature/Relative humidity)


It is worth trying if you have the practicality to connect devices, starting by creating an account and then connect an ESP8266 module.


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