Testing Industrial Platform Groov and ESP8266 NodeMCU

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This time we will test the Groov platform, but what is groov? Is a solution (IIoT) created by Opto22 for the visualization, control and monitoring of industrial equipment from pc, mobile devices, tablets, smartphones and smart tv. It supports SNAP PAC controllers, Modbus TCP / IP devices and other PLC controllers from other brands such as Siemens, Allen Bradley, Yokogawa, Panasonic and others through connection to OPC UA Servers.

ESP8266 PDAControl pdacontrolen.com groov

Groov allows to create environments HMI or SCADA web, allowing in a few click you will be able to interact with industrial processes in real time, groov has 2 versions groov box (hardware) and groov win (software), it has security by means of encryption TLS / SSL authentication by User and password, in comparison to other applications which are bought by tags packages in runtime, groov has no limit of tags or variables, does not require license per client that enters the application.

Although groov interacts mainly with industrial controllers, it can be implemented as a solution for the internet of things.

Complete information:  groov.com

Groov Architecture

ESP8266 PDAControl pdacontrolen.com groov

Test Groov and ESP8266 NodeMCU

Configuration of a module ESP8266 12E NodeMCU configured as Modbus TCP / IP slave.

ESP8266 PDAControl pdacontrolen.com

Arduino IDE

A strategy has been created in Arduino IDE for the ESP8266 module which allows I / O control and communication as Slave modbus TCP / IP, 2 registers (Holding Registers) have been assigned to interact with groov.

Arduino IDE code, downloads at the bottom post.

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Digital Output

Holding Registers [2] = On / Off GPIO 04, led diode.

ESP8266 PDAControl pdacontrolen.com


Analog Input

Holding Registers [4] = Read ADC (0), LDR (photoresistance), varies depending on the light intensity.

ESP8266 PDAControl pdacontrolen.com

ADC Signal Conditioning (0)

You must be very careful when using ADC (0) pin ESP8266 12E, TOUT, ADC (0) or pin 6 are some names by which this input will be identified, its resolution is 10 bits from 0 to 1.0V maximum, We have created a circuit based on a voltage divider and a diode to limit the input voltage in parallel to our light sensor, photoresist or LDR.


ESP8266 PDAControl NodeMCU

Groov settings

Configuration of communication parameters with modbus device is performed and then widgets and images are added in groov build.

ESP8266 PDAControl pdacontrolen.com groov

Video Test Complete

This video has been made for test documentation made with Groov.

Video Tutorial ESP8266 NodeMCU with Groov 


ESP8266 PDAControl NodeMCU


It can be concluded based on the tests performed and the complete documentation related to the groov application on your page, it is a perfect solution containing the elements that I consider important:

  • Practicality and ease in designing and editing dashboards or user interfaces without requiring programming.
  • Compatibility with devices and protocols already recognized in the industry allowing connection to any existing system.
  • Response and update of Dashboard and / or HMI (Widgets) in technically real time.
  • I consider that it is a great tool for the industrial field but fits perfectly in the field of IoT Platforms and provides with the robust and reliable of industrial software.

Groov + Node-RED

Opto22 is currently providing IoT integration solutions, and in its second version groov box features Node-RED Opto 22 Releases Node-RED for groov.

This interconnection with Node-RED would open up groov connections with protocols such as MQTT which has acquired fame in the IoT World, will allow connection to the cloud and IT systems, will be the fusion of a robust visualization platform and the application flows based on Nodes most popular, with connections to data bases, api’s, services and microservices.

Downloads Github

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