Update ESP8266 Industrial Modbus TCP IP V2.0

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  1. Unknown says:

    Hello I'm looking solusion to connect esp8266 witch modbus on bard witch codesys and I cant configure it. In modbu docementation Holding regisers start from 40001 and You in Yours example seve random value to 0 register. Can you give me some advice how to configure it.

    • PDAControl says:

      Hi, The modbus protocol usually has a variation in their records or an offset position registration example 40001 = [0] or 40001 = [1] the 40001 can be located in any of the records [0] or [1 ] is an offset of +/- 1 record almost all devices occurs, I suggest try some TCP modbus simulator.

      Holding Register [0] === 40001
      Holding Register [1] === 40002
      Holding Register [2] === 40003


      Holding Register [1] === 40001
      Holding Register [2] === 40002
      Holding Register [3] === 40003


  2. B.K.NZOKO says:

    Hello! I am very interested in what you are doing. I would like just like to say that before seeing what you did on your triacommand site, I managed to run the ModbusTCPSlave without Tiker Library. Also, if you find this interesting, I would be happy to intrduce it to you. I say that with great caution.

    However I would like to migrate this work to realize a server MODBUS TCP OPC UA. A bit like what did in this video: https://WWW.youtube.com/watch?v=EBnWfGH6I8o (Connection ESP8266 with Server OPC-UEA Iconics – Kepware), Please can you help me?

    • PDAControl says:

      Excellent, I tested the ESP8266 with Modbus Maestro simulators without any complications.
      Which OPC server do you use?
      Have you connected your opc server with other modbus TCP / IP devices?

      You must have the ip address of the ESP8266 and normally configure your OPC server, either Keepserver Iconics matrikon etc …


  3. LamySae says:

    Thank you for these amazing projects !
    I’m working actually on connecting a Wemos D1 ESP8266 to a controller power using Modbus TCP. The ESP8266 is the master ( client ) . Could you please recommend a good library with an example to use the Wemos D1 as a modbus TCP master ?

    • PDAControl says:

      Hello, thanks to you for watching them, master modbus tcp / ip in esp8266, unfortunately I have not seen tests or libraries available, the teacher is a bit complex, in case of finding something I will perform tests, greetings

  4. kosmas says:

    Hello. Sorry for my English.. 🙂
    I’m try use you library for modbus tcp, and I have problem – if esp8266 lost connect whith modbus master – running sketch is stoped.. 🙁 Can you help me?
    https://github.com/mas-kon/ESP8266_ModbusTCP_BME280 – sketch.

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