Single phase electrical meter two-wire electronic CHINT DSS666

Monofasic two-wire electronic meter DSS666 CHINT

Longtime I have this meter and I decided to use it to integrate either with Arduino or ESP8266 and record data in the Emoncms platform (OpenEnergyMonitor).

It allows measurement  energy Active or Active Power in home installations.
Cyclometric recorder, recording and always positive measures preventing fraudulent losses connections.
Since this is an invasive meter that is required to open our electrical circuit pulses generated is captured, Genera 3200 imp / kWh which will allow us to measure the power and power consumption.
The meter has an optocoupler to isolate the pulse output to take the measurement.

Measurement mode Single Phase Phase-Neutral


To make the manipulation of these teams should have extensive knowledge of electrical systems and electric installation.

Important features:

 Measurement network   low voltage
Measurement System 1 Phase 2 Wire
Nominal voltage 120VAC
Base current 5A – 10A
Starting Current 20mA
Maximum current 60A – 100A
Local Regulations regarding accuracy Class 1 (IEC 62053-21 NTC 4052)
Calibration Led indicator Diode
Consumption voltage 0.4W / 4 VA
Current consumption 0.1VA


Pulse Output Terminals

Some meters have a pulse output associated with the electrical consumption, in the case of this specific meter, each time the front led diode is turned on, it sends a pulse that activates an optocoupler for the output of terminal pulses (11 +) ( 12 -)



Led “Pulses”


Relationship 3200imp / Kwh

Relationship: this meter is 3200imp “impulses” / kwh, the integrated meter performs the measurement and integration of kilowatts / hour and sends pulses according to consumption.

with the help of a microcontroller “Arduino, ESP8266 or ESP32” in next tutorials we will measure the Watts consumed.


Detailed video CHINT DSS666


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