ESP8266 Mode Bridge Modbus RTU Slave – Modbus TCP IP Slave


Given previous post, this time it has been implemented ESP8266 Bridge Industrial Modbus protocol, in next tutorials will make the connection ARDUINO ESP8266 and SCADA HMI.

Tutorial Recommended for   2017

ESP8266 Slave Modbus TCP/IP No libraries


Arduino Master & ESP8266 Slave Modbus RTU (TTL)



Explaining project
ESP8266 module,
1 – It is configured by your serial port Modbus RTU Slave Serial, complementing a MAX 232 chip can convert from TTL to RS232.
2 – It is set by the wireless part – WLAN is configured as Modbus Slave TCP IP through the port 502,
3 – internally in the module 20 records both Modbus TCP IP Modbus RTU as follows redirected:

Modbus RTU -> Modbus TCP IP
From the Registry 0-9 Modbus RTU slave to the registers 0-9 Modbus TCP slave, all that is written in the first 10 records Slave RTU will be sent in the first 10 TCP Slave:

Modbus TCP IP –> Modbus RTU
From the Registry 10-19 Modbus TCP slave IP to records 10-19 Modbus RTU slave, all that is written from register 10 Modbus TCP slave IP registers be sent from the RTU Slave 10.

Run Slaves


Materials Very cheaps!!!

1 ESP8266
Converter FTDI Serial USB
3 Regulator de 5 a 3.3v for supply ESP8266

Video Test Mode Modbus Bridge ESP8266
ESP8266 Bridge  Slave Modbus TCP – Slave Modbus RTU
ESP8266 slave modbus TCP IP  Industrial Applications 


Part 1
Part 2


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