Turn led ESP8266 with Thinger.io

This time a test is carried out with the Thinger.io platform, using a 01 ESP8266 be conducted remotely control a diode led directly from the web platform.
As shown by a LED diode will control but the application can be with relay actuators and others.


Video Tutorial  Complete

Turn led ESP8266 with Thinger.io


Api control device


 Arduino IDE Code


Materials very cheaps!!

1  – 1 ESP8266 – 01 OR NodeMCU – Aliexpres
2  – 2 Converter FTDI  Serial -Usb ttl
3  – 3 Regulator 5 a 3.3v
4  – 1 diode led
5  – 1 resistor de 220 Ohm





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