Introduction to mDash platform for administration of IoT Devices

On this occasion I present the platform or an administration service for IoT devices called mDash, belonging to Cesanta, the creators of the IoT Mongoose Os development firmware.

mDash allows firmware updates OTA (over-the-air) and remote administration, alerts and notifications, remote device control, file management with devices, all these features are for Espressif’s modules ESP32 and ESP8266.

Oficial web site:


MDash features.

Next we will create a free mDash account.

To create an account and register, we must send the invitation to our email.

Immediately, in our inbox we receive our password, which is automatically generated by mDash, from the link in the email we activate our account and enter.

We enter and we will see the main dashboard.

We create a new device, to see the documentation.

Full documentation


mDash allows to integrate 3 programming platforms, Arduino IDE, ESP-IDF and Mongoose Os, also has a simulator that runs container in Docker.

Arduino IDE configuration

ESP-IDF configuration

Mongoose OS configuration

Docker simulator


Video Completo



This service is perfect to manage hundreds of devices, in the case of the free account we have created, it allows a maximum of 3 devices, in next tutorials we will perform tests with ESP32 and the ESP-IDF, Arduino IDE and Mongoose OS programming environments.

mDash has interesting features that we will expand later, such as MQTT, Control from Panel among others.

The most striking feature is to allow to update the firmware of our ESP32 using OTA.

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