Introduction IoT Platform Adafruit.IO & ESP8266

adafruit PDAControl ESP8266

This time the test will be performed on the well-known Adafruit.IO platform.

What is Adafruit.IO? It is a solution for the construction of applications IoT created by Adafruit Industries, the well-known open-source hardware marketer, have created this platform for the internet of things based on platforms known as Arduino, Raspberry pi, ESP8266, Intel Galileo, Serial devices And Wifi among others. The Communication API is based on MQTT client with Adafruit servers. In a few minutes you can create a high quality dashboard.

adafruit PDAControl ESP8266

In this case we will perform the Tests with Module ESP8266 in the following tutorial we will indicate step by step installations and configurations for tests with the platform Adafruit.IO.

Official website:

Official website:

Tutorial Platform IoT Adafruit.IO & ESP8266 12E Part 1/2

  1. Quick introduction to Adafruit.IO
  2. Create account at Adafruit.IO
  3. Download libraries and examples
  4. Revision of Arduino IDE code


Arduino IDE 

To do the test we have taken 2 examples of github and an example has been created that performs the reading of (LDR) and control of (GPIO 04) using the protocol MQTT, since none of the examples performed both functions is created example Download available below, it is required to have the AIO-KEY and in Username.

Full Downloads Bottom …

adafruit PDAControl ESP8266

Dashboard Adafruit.IO

The Arduino code, generates the Feed “photocell” associated with the LDR that performs the reading to the ADC0.

The “onoff” feed must be created on the platform in the Feeds tab, the “onoff” feed is assigned the on / off control of the led diode assigned to the GPIO04.

adafruit PDAControl ESP8266

Widgets Available

The following widgets have been assigned:

  1. Toggle: for the control of the GPIO (Led), sends the Strings “ON” – “OFF” to the ESP8266 module.
  2. Gauge: Allows the display of the value of the ADC0, configured from 0 to 200 given the configuration and conditioning of the ADC.
  3. Chart Line: Graph the value of the ADC0.

adafruit PDAControl ESP8266

Dashboard Online

adafruit PDAControl ESP8266


Tutorial Platform IoT Adafruit.IO & ESP8266 12E Part 2/2

  1. Download Arduino IDE code, example Adafruit_MQTT_esp8266.
  2. Dashboard Settings.
  3. Connection test ESP8266 and Adafruit.IO.


Pinout ESP8266 12E NodeMCU

ESP8266 PDAControl NodeMCU

ESP8266 PDAControl NodeMCU


ESP8266 12E NodeMCU (Lolin)

1 LDR (Photoresistance)

2 Resistors of 1.5K

1 Resistors of 10K

1 Diode led

1 Diode 1N4001


Note: In this case the LDR for safety never exceeds 500mV to avoid damaging the ADC0, MAX 1.0V adc0.

  • Resistors are Precision.

ESP8266 PDAControl NodeMCU


ESP8266 PDAControl

Downloads GiHub – Arduino IDE

Adafruit.IO Examples

Adafruit.IO Libraries


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