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In the search for attachable communication protocols Node-Red I found thanks to the collaborative development a library or nodes for communication Modbus TCP IP, the following tutorial is indicated as installing the nodes in lubuntu (Ubuntu).

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This library   node-red-contrib-modbustcp  was created by  Jason D. Harper  was based on the jsmodbus library, this library allows our Node-Red server is configured as master Modbus TCP, it contains 2 nodes one reading and one writing .

 – your user linux –  /node-red/node_modules/

Reading from Master (Node Red) to Slave
Writing from Master (Node Red) to Slave

Complete Video  Install Modbus TCP IP in Node Red

                                              Complete Video  Test Modbus TCP IP in Node Red

 Install Node-RED


Ready to have fun …


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  1. I am trying to send data wireless to my receiver via RFM69 transmitter module, i am getting wired data with sometime negative sign and reading is not good, here is my code any one can help please.

    float v = pzem.voltage(ip);
    if (v < 0.0) v = 0.0;
    float i = pzem.current(ip);
    float p = pzem.power(ip);
    float e =;

    sprintf(payload, "%d.%02dV, %d.%02dA, %d.%02dW, %d.%02dWh",(int)v, (int)(v*100)%100, (int)i, (int)(i*100)%100, (int)p, (int)(p)%100, (int)e, (int)(e)%100);

    if (radio.sendWithRetry(GATEWAYID, payload, PAYLOAD_SIZE))
    Serial.println (" ok!");
    else Serial.println (" radio failed.");

    delay (50);

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