Installation KiCad in Ubuntu and Windows

In certain projects we need to go from a schematic diagram to the manufacture of a PCB, there are a variety of platforms and Software for this task, for some time I have decided to adopt free software, in this opportunity I present KiCad.

I have found this comparative table to be the vast majority of EDA software available.


KiCad is organized in five parts:

  • kicad – The project manager.
  • eeschema – The schematic editor.
  • cvpcb – Footprint’s selection of the components used in the schematic.
  • pcbnew – Design environment for printed circuits (PCB).
  • gerbview – Gerber file viewer.



Why choose KiCad

Although other platforms are very good do not give the freedom of KiCad, I found this article from very good from the experience of an “independent designer” like us.

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KiCad on Lubuntu/Ubuntu

KiCad on Windows


Video: Installation Software KiCad EDA in Ubuntu and Windows



In my time as a student use Eagle for design, a great software that legally has certain restrictions and requires a license for either student or commercial use, but also tests with other software like KiCad, which I now consider that fits our projects.

Possibly the change between Eagle and KiCAD will be noticed but this change will be beneficial in their projects, besides there is a great community and constant updates.

 KiCad Advantages

I stress both are excellent software, but I prefer to adopt open source.




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