Installation IoT Platform Emoncms in lubuntu Linux

We have done a lot of testing on this platform Emoncms part of the OpenEnergyMonitor Project, which has very attractive features if you decide to monitor or control your “bugs” Arduino, RPI, Esp8266 …

Although we will emphasize on the platform, it is important to know the main mission of the OpenEnergyMonitor Project. is a tool to help and conserve the use of energy (thermal, solar,wind ….) and to collaborate with sustainable development. step is to measure, analyze and take actions ….. well that is my humble opinion.

Information about the developers and collaborators:

It is an open source project both hardware and software, has a large community and forums, extensive documentation.
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Website Project: OpenEnergyMonitor – Emoncms 

In the following guide we will install emoncms in the Lubuntu operating system, generally works on linux operating systems based on Ubuntu and Debian, also available for Windows and Docker containers.

I have made uncomplicated installation on the platforms Raspberry pi “Raspbian OS” and BeagleBone Black “Debian OS” with this method, also for its practicality can be mounted in a Hosting of its own.

RECOMMENDED: This playlist compiles some tests performed:


GitHub Emoncms

In this case we will install it on a PC which will connect in a Local network, and will allow the reception of data from any connected device that allows sending via HTTP.

In next tutorials, we will connect Emoncms with Node-RED, Arduino, ESP8266 and ESP32 platforms.

  1. Platform Emoncms 9  github.



2. Install Emoncms en Ubuntu / Debian Linux

Installation IoT Platform Emoncms in lubuntu Linux

RECOMMENDED: This playlist compiles some tests performed



For the installation of Emoncms technically only a web server is required, generally used apache, a database mysql, have installed php, but preferably the most updated version to avoid incompatibility errors. these requirements available on all operating systems allows emoncms to have great versatility, since it does not require additional dll’s or bash executables, largely done in php, ajax, and javascript.

I have installed Emoncms from the first ones I made in 2014 on Raspbian, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Lubuntu, Debian and hosting “CPANEL”.

Given the practicality of lubuntu, I personally prefer installation in emoncms on linux systems, everything is done from a command terminal and technically installs very easy.

From Internet…

There is an emoncms available is available from the Internet, but I personally have preferred to mount   emoncms in my local network and since I have acquired with own hosting and domains, I have set up my own emoncms to be completely managed.

If you want to implement a platform with for the monitoring of sensors and with a high focus in measurement of Power consumption, Emoncms will be perfect.


Founders and maintainers of projects: Trystan Lea and Glyn Hudson thank you for sharing and generating awareness.



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