Update HTTPS Redirect Version 2.0 ESP8266 & Google Spreadsheets

In previous tests we made the communication of an ESP8266 module and bidirectional sending of data to a Google Sheet  with the help of Google Script, Initially thanks to Sujay Phadke “electronicsguy” the creator of the HTTPSRedirect library, a few months ago I made considerable improvements to said library and we will do a quick test.

Materials Very Cheaps !!!

Test performed

The integration process between ESP8266 and Google Docs has not changed.

Among the improvements, allows connections with Google Sheets, Calendar, Drive, have improved performance to see detailed improvements in the following link.

In our case we will only make the connection with the Google sheet and we will prove the creation of the fingerprint.

1. Download Library examples from Github

The use of the library has some conditions of use mentioned by the creator to take into account mentioned at the end of the README github.

2. Copy  Google Script Code

In our Google Drive we create a folder and create a new Google Script or .gs file and paste the code, compile and execute it.

Add Sheet ID and I have made the modification line 38 ‘Sheet1’ for ‘Hoja  1’ in my case my drive is in Spanish.

22.Arduino Nano USB-Micro Nuevo Arduino Nano version MicroUSB http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/9Me4YhK http://pdacontrolen.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/22-Arduino_nano_microusb.png

3. Create new Google Spreadsheets file

In our Google Drive we create a new Google Spreadsheets file, copy ID from URL.

4. Generate fingerprint

The creator of the library explains in case of Linux, Windows and MAC OS here in SSL Certificates,in this case we will test the method of generating the fingerprint for Windows and Linux, for MAC it is similar to Windows.


Simply open a terminal and make the openssl request, full explanation in the video below.


It requires downloading the gnuwin32-openssl binary and executing the fingerprint.bat file and executing it in the bin folder, full explanation in the video below.

Note: In case of not working I recommend installing and configuring a Virtual machine with linux in Virtualbox is very easy

Downloading the gnuwin32-openssl binary

run batch fingerprint.bat in cmd in openssl bin folder.

Note: Complete explanation here.

Create Linux Lubuntu (Ubuntu) with Virtualbox

Install lubuntu (Ubuntu) from Scratch

5. Copy and Execute Arduino IDE Code

Add URL to execute Google Script file or .gs, Network credentials and to generate the fingerprint

Serial Terminal

Tutorial Video: Test Update ESP8266 Spreadsheets https Redirect


Other tests with the Previous Version HTTPSRedirect 1.0

Here is a count of some tests performed with the previous version of HTTPSRedirect:

Connection ESP8266 direct to Google Spreadsheets (Google Docs)

It was the first test, with a complete explanation of the configuration and connection process.

ESP8266 direct connection to Google Spreadsheets (Google Docs)

Control outputs ESP8266 with Google spreadsheets (Google docs)

A test was performed to activate outputs.

Control outputs ESP8266 with Google spreadsheets (Google docs)


Test ESP8266 + DS18B20 Onewire + Google Speadsheets (Google Docs)

Send temperature measurement and registration in a data sheet in Google Docs.

Test ESP8266 + DS18B20 Onewire + Google Speadsheets (Google Docs)

Connection PLC Fpx C14 Panasonic y Google spreadsheets (Google docs) with ESP8266

In this case, a modification was made to the ESP8266 code by adding a routine as a Modbus RTU RS232 slave for communication with a Panasonic Fpx PLC.

PLC Connection Fpx C14 Panasonic and Google spreadsheets (Google docs) with ESP8266

Send Email with ESP8266 (Google Docs) Google Script App +Google Spreadsheets + Gmail

In this case we added a method with the ESP8266 send parameters and from Google Script and Google Spreadsheets allow to send an email from gmail.

Send Email with ESP8266 (Google Docs) Google Script App +Google Spreadsheets + Gmail

Conclusions and Considerations

Even if I do not perform a complete test with all the new improvements in the application such as the connection with Calendar, Drive I see that the bidirectional connection works perfectly.

Some time ago it was suggested to the developer to implement a means of capturing the values from the cells in ESP8266, I indicate that in future versions, I will verify if it was implemented, it would be very useful since previously only cell values could be displayed in the terminal .

Read the considerations of use of the library in Github, its use is free non-commercial.

To conclude thanks to the developer Sujay Phadke “electronicsguy “for his contribution and share its implementation, I have seen that people perform tests and never thanks or provides credit to the creators.

Downloads / Github


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