Introduction to OPC Servers

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4 Responses

  1. B.K.NZOKO says:

    Good morning!
    Thank you for your work and you help. I had learn many things trough your website.
    I’m trying to reproduice the work that have did in this video: Please can you help with an explanation of your arduino sketch?
    Please help me.

    • PDAControl says:

      After configuring the ESP8266 as a TCP / IP modbus slave, depending on the OPC you use to find the modbus master TCP / IP opc driver:
      You must have the ip address of the ESP8266 and normally configure your OPC server, either Keepserver Iconics matrikon etc …


  2. B.K.NZOKO says:

    Thank you very much. Please can you give an example of arduino sketch for ESP8266 to build and OPC Server? Please, I don’t many thing on OPC Standard. I am trying learn what is OPC UA through this website.

  3. B.K.NZOKO says:

    Good morning!
    Evry day, I’m looking and hope an answer to my question. Please, help me.

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