Industrial – PLC FPX C14R Panasonic – Slave Modbus RTU RS232


The Panasonic PLC in this case the FP-x Family has embedded Modbus protocol, setting the test be conducted Panasonic PLC Modbus RTU Slave.

Serial RS485 Modbus RTU network 

We will communicate with a Modbus simulator right through RS232.
Documentation for panasonic in the family FPX there is a routing table registers between native Modbus registers and records plc.
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PLC fpx C14 R + Cassette COM4

The Panasonic PLC without requiring code speaks default modbus slave.

Table commands supported by the PLC as a slave 


Addressing detailed records PLC – Modbus 


They have been determined test Registers:
Coil 0 (000001)                   = Output Y0
Holding Register 0 (400001) = Register DT0
1 Configure communication port (COM1 or COM2) that support modbus, the tool does not support port.

  COM2 – Master / Slave Modbus RTU

2 – For testing the Holding Register 0, the DT0 has addressed the value of potentiometer V0 (0 -1000).


Strategy PLC

DT0 = DT90040 (POT V0)


PLC Panasonic Slave Modbus RTU


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