ESP8266 + Display Oled I2c Client IRC Chat Control

1. ESP8266 the feed module automatically performs the IRC connection to an IRC server, the room defined using a Nickname ESP8266IRC.
2. using in this case an IRC client android I connect to the same server and the same room with another nickname and module prints the characters received in the Oled Display.
– All Android caractares sent from the client will be displayed on the OLED display.
Remote control
I believe that if you want to create an application Remote Control via Ethernet can be done very easily since the bridge connection are the IRC rooms which are always active and would be a atravez control characters, in this case from the android client could activate GPIO module’S ESP8266.
IRC Chat Architecture
ESP8266 – 01.
Oled Display 128 x 64 protocol I2C.
Acid Battery 6V.
Voltage regulator LD1117.


Realized tests


In this case it has been used to power the system a 6V battery, for this case to note that the ESP8266 module should aliemntar to 3.3v to use a voltage regulator.


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